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Healthy Marriage

This is a picture of a father, mother, female child and male child.

The Healthy Marriage initiative is part of ACF's strategy to enhance child well-being. Programs provide comprehensive healthy relationship and marriage education services, as well as job and career advancement activities to promote economic stability and overall improved family well-being.

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Responsible Fatherhood

This is a picture of a family beside the family minivan.Organizations across the United States provide Responsible Fatherhood activities designed to help fathers improve relationships with their spouses, significant others, and/or the mothers of their children. Activities also help fathers become better parents and contribute to the financial well-being of their children by providing job training and other employment services. 

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This is a picture of a family at the mall.

Ex-Prisoner Reentry Pilot Projects provide healthy marriage, responsible parenting, and economic stability activities for formerly incarcerated parents and their families. These programs provide supportive services in partnership with other community organizations and aim to improve and strengthen the quality and stability of father, couple, and/or family relationships.

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